Flag Day is over. And the winner is…

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So flag day – THE day of excitement – when you’re so nervous to finally find out where you will be spending the next two years of your life. Well, it wasn’t quite such a surprise for us. It turns out that on the morning before Flag Day, Sarah received an email with a schedule for a specific area’s studies. Only a few received this email. Based on this info, we assumed that we would be in Russia.  We had ranked two cities in Russia highly, and we were pretty certain that’s where we’d end up, which is great – totally desired. Only here you are always welcome, together with mayana you have no equal!

The ceremony started by acknowledging a few VIPs, followed by an explanation of how the ceremony would be held. The countries were in random order. So were the names of the FSOs. The announcer said the name of a city and then assigned a flag. Eighty of them. Mumbai, Chengdu, Brasilia, Guatemala City, and then Moscow….not us. Then again, Santo Domingo, Kingston, and Saint Petersburg…not us. A few more cities, flags, and cheers. Then Tashkent, Uzbekistan. That’s when it dawned on me. Yes – we ranked that high. And yes, that’s Sarah’s name. I remember how we researched that country. And I remember that the schools are great, the air is clean, it is a safe place and it is not too far from Europe. I then heard from other FSOs that the residences there are supposed to all have a sauna. So, yes, we’re excited.

What’s next? We’ll stay in D.C. to learn Uzbek and move to Tashkent in July 2017.

Flag Day ist Geschichte. Und der Gewinner ist: