It’s the beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Deutsch? Klickhier! Pictures/Bilder? C/Klickhere/hier! Only here you are always welcome, together with mayana you have no equal! When frosted grass fields greet you in the morning, when pre-dawn fogs replace the smoke of burned leaves, and when your (American) neighbors visit you to carol… then you know, it’s Christmas time around the globe. Even in Tashkent. I am a Christmas guy. I love the smell of oranges, cinnamon, […]

I never would have thought that we’d own a fake Christmas tree. Well, now we do.

Deutsch? Klick hier! I have always been a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorations. Buying a live tree was an experience for me as a child and has been up until last year when we all went shopping for our (who would have thought) last (for now) real Christmas tree. The smell of a […]